Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are we ghetto or what?!

Tonight we had an open house at Trey's school. When it was over, Ryan went to get the car and the three boys and I waited at the curb for him to come pick us up. It was dark outside so it was hard to see the cars. Trey was watching each car that approached carefully to see if it was Ryan. Finally he said, "Isn't Dad EVER going to come?" And right after he said that, I heard a loud, squeaky car coming down the street, and I said, "Well can't you hear the car coming now Trey?" And then just as he was about to pull up in front of us, the front right headlight (which had been dangling for a while now) fell off the car. It couldn't have been more perfect timing!! It was like straight from a movie. We had a good laugh. That car is just falling apart more by the day. We do have a much nicer and newer version, but it's in the shop today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Family Walk

We went for another family walk last weekend, and captured some more pictures. I love the green grass on Lime Ridge Open Space right now. Soon though, it will be all yellow, so I'm enjoying it while I can. We found a scenic spot and snapped some photos, not of the scenery of course, but of us! :)

I love having Ryan on our walks, then he gets to pull the wagon instead of me.

St. Patrick's Day

I was trying to be a little more like my friend Amber this year on St. Patrick's Day. She's always doing fun and festive food for holidays. So this St. Patrick's day I made a fun little pudding pie with a kiwi clover on it, it was yummy. For dinner I found a great idea, but it didn't work. I was going to do little bagel pizzas with the cross section cut out of a green pepper (would would also look like a clover) but my green pepper ended up being way bigger than my mini bagels. Oh well, it was a cute idea. There's always next year. The boys wouldn't have eaten the green peppers anyway, so we just did the pizza bagels. And a funny little thing...I was talking about leprechauns with my boys and we were headed to the store and when we got out of the car, Trey was totally convinced that he saw a leprechaun funning away! Then he went all around the car searching for him and found a little gold looking piece of medal and thought it was a gold coin that the leprechaun left him. I couldn't have planned it any better!

Trey's Birthday

It seems like I just posted Trey's birthday party from last year, and here we are again already! I was just thinking about how Diana Bullock, my cousin and long time friend, posted some old birthday party pictures of hers on facebook and how fun it was to see everyone and try to remember everyone's names. Some of the people I haven't seen in years and others I have lots of contact with. Someday these pictures will be that same thing for Trey. It's fun to think about.
So Trey had another birthday, March 12! And we actually got to do it on his actual birthday this year, it was great! Usually his birthday is midweek, so we end up celebrating at home on that day and then again when his birthday party happens on the weekend. So only doing it once this year was great! We had it at the church, where there's lots of space and a big gym. We played some games in the gym, you know the good ones that we used to play when we were kids like freeze tag and red light-green light, a balloon relay and a pinata. Then we came in the room we had decorated for pizza, cake and gifts. It was simple and fun. And everyone had a blast.

I made these easy cupcakes that look like ice cream cones. You bake the cup cakes and put the cones on top before you put them in the oven. When it's done and cooled, frost and put some sprinkles on. So easy and cute.

Okay, I forgot, we did do a little bit more celebrating. For several months, ever since we went to Chevy's and Trey saw the hat that you get when it's your birthday, he has asked if we could go there for his birthday dinner. So the next night, we went to Chevy's. He loved it. I don't know how much he loved his food, but he sure loved his sombrero!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mud Party

I LOVE the time change! I love having longer evenings, especially as it starts to warm up a bit. We went for a late afternoon stroll last Sunday and found ourselves a mud pit! At first we were trying to avoid it, but then Trey rode his bike through it and got his feet all muddy. Then Justin wanted in. Sometimes I just have to let them do it, after all, they're little boys, and that's what they love! So we put Justin in there and then Seth wanted in too, why not!

Seth put his feet in and quickly decided it maybe wasn't for him. The problem was there were little rocks that hurt their feet, but it didn't stop the other two.

This is the picture I love the best. If you can see, Trey is holding Justin and helping him get around. He is so good about that. Justin's balance isn't very good and the terrain was difficult, but Trey was right there to help. Of course Ryan or I couldn't help because we didn't want to get our feet all muddy! :) This picture reminds me of this little statue that my mom gave me that sits on Justin's dressor. It's a little boy carrying his little brother and it says, "He ain't heavy Father, he's my brother!" My mom had it and I actually asked her if I could have it because it reminded me of these two so much. Trey lifts and holds and carries Justin so much without being asked, it's just part of him now. He really watches out for him. It is so sweet.

Justin and the potty

So as I explained in an earlier post, Justin is now potty trained and doing great! Some funny things happen along the way that I want to write so I always remember. The other day we were in the car and Justin told me he had to go "pee pee." We were headed home, so I asked him if he could hold it until we got home. He quickly put both hands over his crotch and held on tight! I realized he only understoond the literal meaning. Another funny happened the other day when Justin was sitting on the potty. We figured out a great way for the pee to actually get into the toilet and not shoot right out and completely miss; he leans way forward and tucks his head down so he can watch everything that's going on, and it makes the pee go down instead of straight forward. Well he did this one particular time and it came out hard and fast this time and because he was watching, he yelled out excitedly, "bubbles!" Most of the time it comes out slow, but this time he had a lot and he was right, there were tons of bubbles! He was super excited about them.