Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 8th!

Ryan-- Thanks for giving me our beautiful family. Life is so sweet with you in it. We have the best buds I could ever ask for and I couldn't be happier. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Happy Anniversary.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Schade Family Reunion

Well here I am the night before school starts, feeling a little sad, the summer is over. I have loved every minute of having my boys at home with me these past few months. I hate sending them off to school again, starting tomorrow. We've had so much fun this summer swimming, eating popsicle after popsicle after popsicle, playing in the backyard, meeting friends at the park, going on adventures all over town, watching movies, and going to family reunions. I love the freedom of no schedule (well at least not as busy of a schedule), not running out the door frantic because we have no time to spare to get kids to school, and just being together. I'm so sad it's come to a close. Trey will be starting first grade and Justin his second year of preschool. Although they'll enjoy it, I miss them when they're gone. It takes some getting used to. Fall is always great to look forward to, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet.

We went to Bass Lake, California for a week for the Schade family reunion at the end of July. My parents have a time share and donate their points for all of the family members. There are six kids in my family and most of us are married and have our own children too. There are 18 grandkids, and just about all of us were there this year, except for 3 nephews I think, one who is on his mission in India. It was the best! I LOVE family reunions, they are what I look forward to all year long. Here are some pictures from the trip. I'm bummed, I don't have any pictures of several of my family members, I don't do very well at pulling out my camera and taking pictures. So I don't have so many things captured. One day we went boating at the lake and I have not a single picture from that day, ughh! These are all out of order, what a pain! I hate loading these pictures, and you have to do it backwards and you can only do 5 at a time, ughhh! Well, I didn't do it right this time, but oh well, here they are.

We started an annual 5k run/walk, thanks to Krissy, and these are the participants, all my sisters and one niece! Linda, me, Krissy, Cyndie, and Brieanne.

Justin wearing his sand bucket.
One morning my little family left and found a little park nearby.

Seth loves to eat, he's my best eater, so far anyway.

Bed time. We always rearrange the whole room to accomadate us. We put the mattresses on the floor, or the boys will fall off for sure. Seth slept in the bathroom!

We spent a lot of time here at the pool, we loved it. My boys have really discovered the water this summer with swimming lessons every day for 7 weeks. We made big progress for us, everyone is at least now comfortable in the water.

Justin loves to lounge around in his floaties!

Seth loves it too!

See, now here is where we get out of order, this is when everyone is leaving, so these three buddies/cousins (Scott, Trey and Bryan) are hugging Grandpa goodbye.

Bass Lake is close to Yosemite, so we went hiking one day. It was great, we had the whole bunch up there. Ryan took Trey and hiked up to these falls with my brother Steve and his boy Scott.

Chris Mortensen, Bryan, Trey, Bob pushing Megan.

Cynthia Sue!

Krissy, mom and dad.


Ryan from behind.

Lea looks confused, going the wrong way!

Pushing the stroller, man we got a good work out that day. We didn't know we were hiking up a pretty steep little mountain at one point. Ryan and I took turns carrying Justin on our back and pushing Seth in the stroller. Wow, my glutes and calves burned!

The buds tired out, Justin and Seth snoozing.

Always take a water bottle to cool off, or for a little refreshment!

Looking lovely here.

Trey and Scotty hiking up.

At some more falls, taking a rest.

Ryan took off his shirt and hopped in for a swim here in the freezing water!

Waiting for the bus to take us to another stop.

It was hot, and we were sweating, I had to peal off my top shirt.

Half Dome!

Again, this is very out of order, this is the very beginning, when we first arrived in Yosemite.

These are 3 of my darling nieces: Megan (Bob's), Kylie (Linda's), Krista (Steve's).

Justin and Brieanne having fun in the rocks.

These three cute cousins had a good time together.

This video is funny. Seth has a clean-up helper that you don't see at first. Then, Seth loves to take Justin's glasses, poor guy, he never gets them back this time!