Saturday, July 11, 2009


This may not be funny when I retell it, but at the moment, it was hillarious. We went to a park today to play baseball. I was batting (Nanci), Ryan was pitching, and Trey and Justin were fielding. Seth was grazing on the grass off to the side. Trey was running back and forth, back and forth fielding the balls as Justin just watched him pass by him over and over. If anyone knows Justin, he doesn't really run because of his motor difficulties. At one point, Trey said as he was running by Justin, "You need to hustle!" It was so funny because first he wasn't even moving, let alone hustling, and second, if he was moving, he doesn't hustle very well! Trey was having to do all the work! Ryan and I had a good laugh.

On the pot

Trey was "on the pot" today, and desperately wanted company, just like he always does. So he yells out for Justin in an attempt to get him to come to the bathroom. He says, "Are you silly?" Justin says, "no," and continues to play in the kitchen. That didn't work, so he tries again, "Justin come talk to me!" Justin says, "no." That didn't work either, so he tries again. "Free chocolate, who wants free chocolate?!" Well, he got him, Justin was up in a second and on his way to the bathroom only to find out there was no free chocolate. Well, it worked!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

Whew! We had a busy, crazy, really fun weekend! We did a ton of stuff, for us anyway. Doing a lot can be difficult with little ones, but they're real troopers and had a great time! On Thursday, July 2nd, we went to a local show and fireworks display here in Concord called The Singing Flag. My friend and I went at 6am and put out blankets for the evening show, I can't believe I did that. I've never done that before, we're more often the type of people that go at the last minute and squeeze in somewhere, but this was great! We had great lawn spots and I can't believe how much I got done that morning before anyone else in my house was awake! We met up with some other families and had a little potluck before the show. Kristen if you're reading this, you're amazing. She brought her table and crockpot full of food and 4th of July plates and so much more. It was great fun.

Yum yum!

Seth is seriously the biggest little ham! He is the best smiler you'll ever meet! Well, I guess Justin is quite the smiler too :) But whenever you just point the camera in Seth's direction, he puts on a huge grin for you! I wish I looked so cute in all my pictures.

Trey with our friends the Edwards. They're moving to Utah, and we're really sad about that!!
On Friday, Ryan had the day off and we went to the Berkeley Marina. It was windy, and a bit chilly, but that's San Fran for you! We went to go to this cool playground which was closed, so we found other things to do. Here's the pier that we walked out on, it was super windy.

It's difficult to get a picture of Seth when he's not looking and smiling, but Ryan managed to get one in! (Not that we don't want the smiling ones, those are really the best.)

We found a rocky beach for the kids to play around in. It was just as good as the playground, if not better. Justin was sopping wet in no time, typical Justin!

Here's the ham again!

We finally decided to let Seth out. He loved it, no matter how uncomfortable those rocks were, he didn't mind!


Nice dance moves! Tah dah!!
Okay, now we're to the fourth of July. We went to a parade in the morning.

Interestingly enough, about the most exciting things in the parade, were the mexican cowboys. The Mexican restaurants had bands and horses that danced. There were some pretty non-exciting things walking by. Actually it was a fun parade, it got better as it went on. Trey counted his favorite cars, 53 of them! Not too many that weren't his favorite!

Trey on the bounce house thing.

Now, the evening fireworks. Now this was more our typical fashion. We showed up right before the fireworks started! It definately wasn't as fun as the other one. In fact, it was pretty cold, but we enjoyed the fireworks.
Trying to take a picture ourselves, doesn't quite work. We got half of Seth.
Still doesn't work out quite right! Now half of Justin.

Swimming and tight spots

Seth has started crawling! And he just loves to get himself into some tight spots. This is his favorite spot!Trey and Justin are in swimming lessons. It's kind of funny, Justin just wants to get in and go all by himself, which of course he's not quite ready to do, he's not swimming yet, but he wants to! And then there's Trey, who's much more cautious. As you can see by the pictures, he never even leaves the side of the pool! He does, but his teacher has to work very hard to get him to do it!

Go Justin go!! Trey still hasn't even done that!

There's Trey, still thinking about it carefully.

My little burritos.