Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ever since Seth has come along, he loves to grab at Justin's glasses and pull them off. Well yesterday the funniest thing happened. Justin and Seth were playing and Seth grabbed Justin's glasses and instead of pulling them off, they just slid down and ended up on the tip of his nose. I waited for Justin to get mad, but instead he paused and then looked up at me and said, "Grandma!" It was hillarious! That's how Grandma wears her glasses so much of the time and he knew it! I laughed so hard and called Grandma.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catch up time!

Wow, I have not blogged in a very long time. And now I'm so incredibly far behind. But I pretty much missed all the holidays, and you can't just miss that. So I'm going to have to back up, and catch up. I'm going to "try" and blog almost every day and get caught up this week. I'm tired of being behind.

But first, I have to share this. You know you have all boys when boy #3 at only 15 months is laughing at his own burps and farts! And then after he burps, makes sounds as if he's doing it again and again and cracking up at himself! The other two did not start that so young, but this one has some good examples of this to follow!

SAN DIEGO-Visit with old friends

This summer in August we had a Dickman family reunion in San Diego, which I posted about months ago. Well, what I didn't get to was what we did afterwards. Our best friends from Madison, Wisconsin moved to San Diego two months after we moved from Madison to San Francisco. So at least we're still in the same state! The Price's are amazing people. And I actually think they liked us as much as we liked them. I shouldn't say "liked" because of course we still like them! Trey and Nathan hit if off when we first moved in, and they were best friends from the start. And it wasn't long after that Amber and I followed suite. We hung out almost every day. It's not every day, in fact almost never, that you find a friend like that. We each have three boys, and they're all about the same ages. When we moved in we each only had two, but currently we each have three. Anyway, that was one of the hardest things about leaving Madison, leaving the Price's, but luckily they sort of followed us! So when we went to San Diego for the reunion, we of course decided to stay a few extra days and hang out with our friends. Here's a picture of all the boys. Guess which ones go together? Isn't it obvious? Hint: look at the shapes of all their heads. Three roundies/squares and three ovals. Maybe not as obvious in this picture as in real life.

Trey and Nathan

Justin and Jack

Seth and Dallin

They loved playing the Wii. Especially Trey because we don't have one.

Amber--aka motor butt! She can't sit still, she's always doing something. This woman knows how to get things done and is just amazing.

It just happened to be my birthday while we were out there! And my husband went home to go back to work and her husband went out of town to work. So it was just us and all the little boys. It was nuts, and so much fun. So we went out to dinner to this little Italian place. As soon as we walked in this older woman was gauking and talking about us and how many boys we had! She did not know how to be quiet, we could hear everything she was saying! It was hillarious! And she didn't stop, she just kept on saying things to her husband, nothing bad, but she was just stunned. So finally she said something and I decided to correct her, so I turned around and corrected her, and she was so embarrassed that we could hear her! But what do you expect when you're practically yelling! So later she came over and talked to us, and she was very sweet. The whole thing was just hillarious. Dinner was crazy with 6 little boys. Amber was happy to get out of there! I do think it's odd that every time I leave the house with all three boys, I get so many comments about my boys, like no one has ever seen a person with three kids, or all boys!! Of course when I'm visiting Utah that doesn't happen, but everywhere else.
The best part of my birthday were the candles on the giant chocolate cookie that Amber made for me. They said "29!" LOVE THAT!! (Note: I turned 33)

It was a great visit and we loved catching up with our friends. Can't wait until this summer's reunion!