Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You stink mama!

I just have to get these written down. So many funny things happen throughout our days that make me smile and laugh and I never want to forget them.

This morning Justin climbed in bed with us before anyone else was awake. He layed between us and I snuggled into him and he said, "You stink mama! P U!" And pushed me away. I turned the other way and giggled a lot.

The other day Seth and Justin were standing at the sliding glass door fighting about whether it should be closed or open. Justin was standing on the outside of the door and Seth was inside, they were facing each other. Justin was winning the battle. So Seth turned around and walked away, then turned around again to face him, lifted up him toy gun that he was holding and started shooting him. I got a kick out of it. They learn so young.

You can't imagine how many times strangers tell us that Justin looks like that kid from Jerry Maguire. They say, "you know the one that says...the human head weighs 8 pounds!" Or if you haven't seen that movie, it's the same kid from Stewart Little. Well, it's true, he really does look like that kid!

One day Trey said to me, "Mom, is that called a UPS truck or an OOPS truck?"

Trey was recently telling me about all the girls he loves at school. He went on and on, and then finally said, "I just LOVE girls for some reason!" And through volunteering in his classroom, I've found out from the other kids that he likes to chase several of them and kiss them! And then two days ago we picked up Trey from school and one of the little girls that Trey "loves" said, "Bye Trey!" His mom heard him and said, "Oh so that's Trey! We find little notes all around that say I love Trey!" I'm discovering that he is quite the little lady's man!

The other day we were picking Trey up from school and we kept hearing Trey's name being called from a distance. Finally Trey said, "I think they're calling me because I'm one of the smartest kids, or because I got new shoes."

Trey was recently in the Woodside Elementary 1st grade school play. It was called, "How Does Your Garden Grow." Trey was a crow and he loved every minute of it. He's the kid on the very left. And notice the bald head front and center in the picture!

This is a very typical scene in my backyard. The boys hanging out eating popcycles. We love popcycles, especially when it's warm! But even when it's not warm, that doesn't stop us from eating them!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just have to laugh

Ugh!! Don't you hate those days (and nights) when your kids won't sleep! No one is sleeping this morning! And one was awake last night a lot too! But, I have to write what Justin said when I put him down for a nap. He layed down and said, "I'll be right here if you need me mama." I cracked up.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sho-o-ort hair!

Seth just got his hair cut, well so did I! And it's shorter than ever! It just keeps getting shorter and shorter! I think it's going to end up like my boys' buzzes at some point! This was actually over a month ago, but I'm going in again this week for another cut. Like I said before, I like short hair, not just for my boys. I do get bed-head though. :)

Class gift

We made these bags for Trey's class at school to auction off for a school fund raiser. It was really fun and I thought they turned out really cute. The grapes, bugs and flowers are the thumb prints of the kids in Trey's class. And the rest is puff paint that we added later. So fun. This is a great project to do at home with your kids for mother's day gifts, or for any occasion.

Seth's hair cut

No, it's not Seth's first hair cut! He's had so many I can't keep track any more. He's the kid that was born with a FULL head of blonde hair. We got so many comments about his hair when he was born. I have to say, it was pretty darn cute. I would include a picture of when he was born, but it's too much work. Those pictures are on a cd somewhere else. Maybe I'll add it later.

Anyway, here's Seth before his hair cut. We let it get really long. It was kind of fun and quite curly. I'm a fan of short hair for my boys because I DON'T like dealing with BED-HEAD!! I'm not a fan. And when it's short, you don't have to do anything. But this was so cute on Seth, we let it hang out for a while before I finally chopped it.

The after shot in the tub.