Sunday, January 23, 2011

December Recap

December came and went, and not a blog entry was entered throughout the whole month. So here's a little recap of our holiday adventures. Christmas was nice, but busy. I started off with a school craft fair project, my first one ever, and maybe my last! It was a lot of work, for not a whole lot of pay. But I'm glad I did it. I made caramel apples and they were yummy!! My kitchen was a mess.

We were jammin while practicing for the ward Christmas party, Ryan played the guitar and Justin practiced too!

My 2 Santas!
Seth was skeptical of this guy in a red suit.

Christmas Eve.

Santa brought Trey a piano for Christmas! We love it!

This was a project for Seth. I found it in Family Fun Magazine, thought it was going to be quick and I waited until late Christmas Eve to start, not a good idea. And it's still today not quite finished.

Seth LOVES his monkey!

Justin was excited about all his gifts.

Especially this one.


Ryan had the week off after Christmas, we went to a couple of museums.

This cool air blower blew balls...
...and hair.

Justin's nick name is "Beast."

Justin loves his new glasses.

Feeding the ducks.

Justin's little mouse friend fell in the toilet. So we had to wash him and then blow dry him.

Trey put on a magic show for us. He got all his tricks from a book and made his little stage.

Seth was impressed with his tricks. Notice Seth is wearing pants AND shorts.

No ordinary moments

Why is it that so many blog entries of mine start something like this..."Wow I haven't blogged in a really long time, there's so much to I'm going to do so much better!" Whatever, I blog when I get around to it! But tonight I was inspired. I went to a Stake Relief Society fireside (a church meeting for women) and sat by a lady in my ward who is a blogger, she has like 17 blogs. Then, one of the speaker's themes tonight was, "there are no ordinary moments" and she shared several special and precious moments with us that she's had. And I realized that I need to record in my blog my special moments! When I am writing in my blog more frequently I become more aware of those moments that I really want to remember, the ones that get me through the rough spots. They don't have to be grand or life-altering, but they are just those moments that I see Heavenly Father's love for me. So I thought of one of my special moments that I had just today. During church today in Sacrament Meeting Seth and Justin were fighting over crackers (I should just leave the crackers at home,) and Seth got mad and started throwing the crackers everywhere. I took him out, I was frustrated at that point with both of them. I told Seth he was in trouble and that he needed to share and not throw his crackers. His face got really sad, it was such a priceless face with his bottom lip sticking way out. He knew he was in trouble. He recovered. This is the special moment...he decided he needed to hug and cuddle and snuggle. He kept burying his face in mine and then gave me Eskimo kisses (where you rub noses) for like a minute straight. I loved it. I didn't want to go back into the meeting and make it end. I cherish moments like these that make me want him to stay little forever.

I love the thought that there are no ordinary moments. Every moment is important, no matter how mundane or unimportant it may feel. I think it makes one be more grateful and more aware of the good things that are happening around you. It helps you seize opportunities and cherish every laughter, hug, giggle, smile, even every tear.