Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The things kids say

I love to hear what comes out of my kids mouths sometimes. They can be quite funny! Today they cracked me up several times, but I only remember a couple of funny quotes. We bought Fruit Loops, the cereal, at the store today and when we got home Seth wanted some. But I was not wanting to give him any, so he kept walking around and in a sort of angry, loud, demanding and growly tone, he kept saying, "I want Foot Woops!" We thought it was so cute that we started imitating him, and then he thought it was funny too. We were at the store today and had to go into the women's dressing room to nurse Roslyn and when we got in there and sat on the bench, Justin said, "Aw, home sweet home!" What?! That kid is so funny!

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